Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Waiting Wednesday: Steve, Shad, Samuel, Selah, and Sarah

Yes, I'm doing another one of the family Waiting Wednesday posts! :) Last time it was after the Spitz family, and this time it's after the Clanton family! (Please keep praying for them and Selah!!)

All 5 of these sweet kiddos are from the same region and have the same names as the 5 Clanton kids! They all have Down syndrome (did I mention it was day 17 of 31 for 21??), and they all need a family. Meet...




Here's some more info about them:

Steve 43F

Boy, born August 2002
Gray eyes
Light brown hair
Sociable character, hypermotility, affectionate, stubborn, it is not

Shad 43F

Boy, born December 2000
Hazel eyes
Brown hair
The nature of the emotional

Samuel 43F

Boy, born February 2003
Gray eyes
Light brown hair
The nature of the contact is not available

Selah 43F

She was born in October 2002
Gray eyes
Light brown hair
The docile character, cheerful, mobile girl. Physical development. Skills of self generated. Watching their appearance. Decreased interest in activities. Weak memory, thinking is underdeveloped. The team of peers tends to lead.Often responds to comments tears.

Sarah 43F

Girl, born June 2000
Hazel eyes
Hair black
Balanced character

I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT to see all or any of these sweet children with a family! 

They will be such a BLESSING to their family as all children with Ds are. :)


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  1. I just saw this sweet! I will pray that someone will ocme forward for these kids!!!!!!


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