Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Waiting Wednesday: Owen, SaraGrace, Isabelle, Gavin and Lyla

No, don't worry, I'm NOT putting the Spitz kids up for adoption!!! But, "in honor" of my time here, I am going to mix up my usual WW a bit, and do 5 children with the same names as the 5 little Spitz kids! :)

Owen 3G

Owen (egxb-3)
Guardian Angel
Boy, Born December 2007
This darling little boy is waiting for his forever family, and we believe his condition to be one called Saethre-Chotzen Syndrome.
Also known as Acrocephalosyndyldactyly Type Chotzen or Saethre-Chotzen Syndrome. Chotzen Syndrome is a dominant genetic condition. They have a tower-shaped skull (acrocephaly), fused fingers and/or toes (syndactyly), asymmetric face, widely spaced eyes, droopy eyelid (ptosis), strabismus (crossed or “wall-eyes”), beak-like nose, small upper jaw, and jutting out lower jaw (prognathism).   Some plates in their skull close early.   This is called craniosynostosis.   Often people with Chotzen Syndrome are mildly hard of hearing. Sometimes they’re unusually short.   Occasionally the closing of the plates in their skull can compress their brain and slow their development.   Sometimes boys with Chotzen Syndrome have undescended testicles.

$3156.50 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

SaraGrace 45F

Girl, born March 2008
Blue eyes
Light brown hair
Character is not defined
Diagnosis: Down syndrome

Isabelle #2-2

Girl, Born February 14, 2002
Diagnosis: Down syndrome
From her medical records:   The child is in a very good general condition. Elementary thinking processes are observed. She can’t speak but pronounces sounds and combinations of sounds: ba-ba, etc. that are completely random. She knows her name and reacts when called. She carries out elementary orders. She is not oriented for place and time. Her attention is unstable, her memory is mechanic.
In emotional aspect the child is calm, merry and playful. She enjoys the attention that she is paid and actively seeks it. She easily enters into interaction with the children and the adults in the orphanage. She has friends among the children and prefers to play with them. She reacts actively in musical classes – makes rhythmical movements, but almost doesn’t play with toys and prefers to put them in her mouth or toss them.
The child walks independently and carries out the orders of the physical therapist – crouches, stands up. She already eats by herself. She doesn’t signal about her physiological needs and is taken care of entirely by the personnel of the orphanage.
The child is being taught to put her clothes on and take them off on her own. The training for gaining life skills continues.
Single moms and large families welcome, easy travel!
$243.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

Gavin 26HA

Guardian Angel
Boy, born March 2009
Gray eyes
Hair dark brown
Tranquil character

Doesn’t Gavin have the cutest little bedhead?!
Gavin has hepatitis C.

$86.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

Lyla 23HA

Date of Birth: November 2006
Gender: Female
Eyes: Brown
Hair: light brown
Character: calm

Individual grant/donation button will be made available for this child after additional information is received.

These 5 children are in different countries, all different ages, and all have different needs and abilities. But they have one thing in common - they all need a family to call their own.

Owen, SaraGrace, Isabelle, Gavin, and Lyla. 5 BEAUTIFUL children, who need 5 families that are willing to love them when no one else will.

Are you Lucky to Love Owen?
Lucky to Love SaraGrace?
Lucky to Love Isabelle?
Lucky to Love Gavin?
Lucky to Love Lyla?

Do you have love to spare? Extra love you're willing to share?

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