Sunday, September 23, 2012

Goodbyes. Coming Home. Promises Kept.

Saying goodbye.

Why does it have to be so hard?

No matter who you are leaving or where you are going, goodbyes are never joyous times (so maybe there are times when you are glad someone is leaving, but that's besides the point).

I was dreading it since I arrived at Spitz's three weeks ago.

Saying goodbye to the people and place I've fallen in love with. Leaving my second home. (Actually third home, sorry Michelle.)

I've been home a few days now - it's good to be home, but I still miss that family something awful!

Is it crazy that I check the time throughout the day, add an hour, and think about what they are doing at the moment?


Since we left the house soo early Thurs morning, I had to say goodbye to the littles Wednesday night. We attempted some pictures with Caleb laughing at us over skype in the background.

I think they came out pretty well considering we were dealing with 5 toddlers who were being uncooperative since they were over tired, or half asleep. ;)
The best picture of 10! I love this picture, and these kids!!!!
L to R: Gavin, Lyla, me, Sara, Belle, and Owen
The 3 Ukrainian Spitz's!
My current favorite picture - me with the Princess herself!!!

She was cracking up!!
At the airport - Summer and I both happened to wear our Lyla tshirts, so we attempted a picture, but baby girl wasn't too thrilled with that idea!
Take 2... it'll have to do! :)
Shortly before I said goodbye to these two!!

My trip home - it was slightly eventful. Apparently planes can't fly and they get delay when the weather is bad. Lesson learned.

My first flight got delayed over 1 hr, which caused me to miss my second flight altogether. So even after I was put on a different flight for my second flight, that one got delayed awhile too. I ended up getting home 4-5 hours later than planned. Ohh well...

My first flight was almost empty so I had not only the seat next to me, but the whole row to myself!! I was laughing about the fact the people in 1st class were sitting next to eachother, 4 to a row, when I could basically lay down and stretch out all I wanted! And I got to read this book most of the way home! I'm about half way though it, and it's SOOOO good!! Thank you Summer for getting it for me!!


When Lyla became available again, she found a family, lost that family, and then many many people were yelling for another family for her. When that family, the Spitz's stepped up to adopt her. I wrote this post about rainbows and God keeping His promises.

Friday there was an almost identical rainbow, and I was reminded of God's promise in John 14:18, and how he kept his promise to Lyla. He made sure she was not left to die as orphan.

She is now home. She is now loved. She is now cherished. She is now spoiled rotten, and she knows it too, but she deserves it!!!

Welcome home Lyla Love!!! Words can not express how happy I am that you home with the family that loves you soo very much and was meant to be yours from the very beginning!!!


And! You can follow Lyla's journey as she transistions into her new family and gets here heart fixed here on I  Love You to the Moon ad Back!!!!!

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  1. Beautiful post, Sarah! God is so good to give you the visible reminder of His promises kept at both the beginning (sort of anyway) and the end of Lyla's journey home. He cares so very much about you and so do I! We missed you and are so glad you are home!!!


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