Thursday, September 13, 2012


Some pictures from my first week here I haven't blogged yet....

"Let me outside! PLU-EEESE!!!!"
"No? Then I'm going to pout in the corner!"
This is her camera pose... whenever Bellie sees that camera, into her mouth the thumbs go! Little stinker!
Pretty girl!
'Snug-ing' with Sara Grace - Look at that Bellie belly!

Yes, I'm smiling, but I'm too busy walking to stop and pose for a picture!

Sara took this picture of the two of us.
Note that YES I am wearing a sweatshirt in most of these pictures... I'm still adjusting to the temp of this house. lol Dave (Summer's hubby) likes it COLD around here!
SG's pretty pink stripe for her first day of school!
Sarah and Sara - I LOVE this girl! Owen took this picture... for some reason I haven't been good at taking pictures of him!!

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