Thursday, September 6, 2012


Today was Lyla's gotcha day!!!!!! Which means... she LEFT THE ORPHANAGE FOREVER!!!

I LOVE this picture!!! And did you notice her hat??? I made it last Saturday before Summer left! ;)

Goodbye orphanage!! Summer's not looking back, and Lyla is walking into her new life in the arms of her mommy!

Seriously?? I can't do that with my legs!! The Spitz girls have one goal-to make fun of me and show off!!

Sara had to show me how to drink out of a straw when I got here... (so that one wasn't exactly new)
Belle shows off her dancing moves that I can't do....
Summer... well, I won't even tell you what Summer did...
And now this!!

But boy oh boy, do I still love these girls no matter what they do to me!! :)
Ya, and she just throws her head back and laughs at me!

I remember back when I was including Lyla in every post of mine to help her find a family, that I had posted about someone else's gotcha day, and I had said something along the lines of "Oh how I wish that I could post pictures of Lyla's gotcha day.. but if a family doesn't step up soon to adopt her, that might never happen because she might not make it much longer without a family." 

But Lyla is a miracle baby, and that family I prayed so often for did step up and adopt her!!! And now she is FREE!!!

Some days I thought this would never happen, but now she is officially no long an orphan, and she will never spend one more night alone in an orphanage. Wow.

Thank you JESUS!!!


  1. I think your brothers do a pretty good job of showing you up too! Blame your dad, you inherited his flexibility - or lack thereof. LOL

    I was actually thinking the other day about the 120+ times you posted Lyla's photo for her family to find her. You are right, she is a miracle baby in more than one way! And you are there...helping Lyla's family AND you'll get to be there for her welcome home party at the airport!! God is good and totally AMAZING!!!


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