Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Day for Gavin and Bellie!

Today is Gavin and Bellie's first day of school!! Gavin had gone for a few months last year, but this was Bellie's first time ever! And she rode the bus by herself! She's now a big girl! (Cue the tears from Summer when she reads this!!)

Owen had his first day yesterday, but got dropped off instead of riding the bus so I didn't get pics, and Sara was supposed to have her first day today, but both her and Owen are home sick today. Poor babies!
Waiting for the bus....
And waiting....
A smile for Gretchy!
And waiting...
Bellie Bug waiting!!

Ready for school!!
Is that it??
Bye bye! I'm ready to go!!

He was waving his arms and jumping up and down, he knew what it meant, and he was ready to go!!!
Waving and blowing kisses!
Bellie's turn!!
Handing her over..

Goodbye sweet Belle!!
It sounds like they both had wonderful first days!! Gavin picked up right where he left off last year, and it sounds like Bellie did well too!!!


  1. Oh my goodness!!! Sarah, these pictures are so great and I am so grateful for this post!!! I wasn't able to post these pictures on my blog but now I can link to yours!! Wow!!! How in the world did we get so very lucky to have you in our lives????

  2. Sarah what an absolute blessing for you to be there to capture these moments for not only Summer but for the rest of us that love this family so much. Thank you!

    Go Gavin Go Bellie!!! Get better Owen and Sara!!!


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