Friday, September 14, 2012

Prayer Request and Friday Funnies

Can I ask you all a favor?? Would you all please pray for Lyla today as she travels home?? That she would be comfortable, and fly like a champ?? She had a bad day yesterday, so Summer is worried she won't do well. Thank you!!!


Just a couple things that are probably really dumb sounding, but if one of them makes you chuckle (or laugh at how blonde I can be), then my goal is met. :)

-I can't spell my name correctly anymore. My name is spelled Sarah, and the other one here is Sara. I have written and typed her name soo many times the past 2 weeks, that the other day when I tried to sign my name at the end of something, I SPELLED MY NAME WRONG!! Pathetic, but true.

-If my feet had two favorite colors, what do you think they would be??

-Bellie has CRAZY sleepy hair some days!

-You leave them in easy reach in case you need them, but really? When was the last time you used those fancy glasses? Most likely before sippy cups and bottles invaded. ;)

-When we were at the mall picking up some things before Summer left, I saw a Green Bay Packer hat, and found it odd to see one here. It took me awhile to realize WHY that's odd - I'm not in WI anymore! ;)


  1. Oh my, SaraH. You are too funny! Good thing you have auto signatures at the end of your blog posts and emails. LOL

    I just showed Daddy this post and he says to me, "Your side of the family..." But, ummm, my side of the family has some very die hard Yankee fans. Please google the Yankee symbol my dear...

    LOL about the fancy glasses!!! That totally looks like something my cupboard. Maybe you need to make Summer a cupboard chart too just so she can find them again when she needs them. :-)

    Love Bellie's hair too!

  2. i have been reading for awhile and i dont think i realized you were from wi! thats where i live! what a small world


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