Friday, September 14, 2012

Getting Ready for Baby Lyla!!

In about an hour, after all the littles are in bed, Daddy (Dave) and I are leaving for the airport (no worries, Grandma and big brother will be here with them!). 

Because guess who is coming home!!! LYLA!!!

Because they don't get in until after midnight, the airport welcome home party was cancelled, but the kids are excited to wake up and see "Baby Myla"!! And I am soo excited to get to be there tonight when Lyla comes off that airplane, and comes HOME!!! I promise I'll take lots of pictures!!

So in preparation for that oohh so exciting event, we've been getting some things together for Princess!
Her highchair! - Sara testing it out :)
Exersaucer - Mom, Rach, Ash, does it look familiar???
LOTS of clothes!
And a crib, but the little are already sleeping in that room so I'll get a picture later. :)

And today I have been... ummm... 
And scaring the germs away. 
And organizing. 
And cleaning some more. 
And spraying everything with disinfectant because you know, we've been sick. 
And doing laundry.
And cleaning more. 
And I'm obsessed with it. 
Is it still called nesting if it's not my child??

(Re: The being sick. Today was Day 9 of school, and we have not had a day yet where everyone was gone and no one was sick. The past few days it's been Gavin and Bellie - they keep switching. Hopefully every (except Lyla!) will go Monday!!!)

Speaking of Lyla almost being home, we got this in the mail the other day!
It was also VERY exciting to add 'Lyla Spitz' on the sibling list for the kid's school papers!! :)


  1. AHHHH!!! I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!! There is NOTHING like watching a child come home. Especially when it is a child you have loved and advocated for for so long. Watching Julia come home was amazing and I will never forget it.

  2. Can't wait to see and hear all about it!!! Love the cleaning pic!:-)


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