Monday, September 10, 2012

Midnight Swim!

I was waiting to publish my last post of them swimming to see we would swim again so I could combine the two posts. Well guess what, we swam the night I published that. Go figure! :P

On a side note, would you please say a prayer for those of us that are sick here?? I've yet to spend a day here where someone isn't sick, and we really need to get better before baby sister gets home!! :)

Friday night we went for a "midnight" swim! At 8pm, but it was still getting pretty dark! Again in undies and swim diapers, and they had so much fun despite the water being so cold!
I made a point to get pictures of Owen, as obviously, I haven't been doing to good at that! :)
Belle wasn't mich of a fan of the cold water, she enjoyed more once Daddy got the hose out and was running warm water on her! :)

I had my timing of them going down the slide perfect the other day, but the flash goofed me up!!

Gavie - look at the camera! Goofball!

Bellie LOVED the water running on her!!!
So did Gavin! :)

Sara Grace

Daddy's Princess!!!

Gavin all snuggled up - he didn't like the picture idea though! Look at that face! :)

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