Tuesday, September 4, 2012

At the Park

This past weekend, the city Spitz's live in had their big town celebration at the park. We walked there (c'mon, pushing a double stroller for a mile one way, 1/2 of it uphill isn't that brutal when you are out of shape.... ahem). We played at the playground a good deal of the couple hours we were there... for some reason I only have pictures of Sara and Gavin, but still, be prepared for the cuteness!

Gav - "Sara, when is it my turn?"
"You looking out the window?? Ok, I'll take over driving!"
(It was totally unintentional to end two posts in a row with two pictures with captions like that! Honestly!)


  1. Very cute! Looks like you had fun! :-)

  2. Hi Sarah,

    I'm really enjoying being able to follow your time with the Spitz family. What a wonderful opportunity for you and what a blessing for the Spitz's to have your help during this busy time for them. Not to mention that you will get to hug and kiss Lyla. Lucky!!!!!! Have a great time and give all of the "littles" hugs from the Lococos.



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