Monday, September 17, 2012

Selah Update

I'm loving my time here in NY, but my heart is still heavy for sweet Selah and her family, who are now only a few hours away from me. (I don't know if it will work out to visit them before I leave.) Yvonne has been blogging updates on her blog, but I wanted to update everyone here and ask you to keep praying!!

Since her near drowning accident, Selah has been in the hospital. She continues to make small progress, but not anything big like what her family want to see. She has had a G-tube put in, but she is breathing on her own. She is making very few responses that are a good sign neurologically.

Clanton's have done a couple news stories in the past few days, you can watch the best one here.

PLEASE keep praying for Selah and the whole family!!! Selah needs a MIRACLE, and the rest of the family want their daughter and sister back to the happy little girl she once was.
Steve, Shad, Sam, and Sarah - Selah's siblings

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  1. thank you for that beautiful post!!! we just love your sweet heart towards our family!!!!!


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