Monday, September 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Elijah!

Happy Birthday Elijah!!! 
Today you turn 5 years old!
You are growing up and doing new things that big boys do! You are going to school again with your buddies Carter and Caleb, where you are learning lots of new things and practicing your letters!
Your favorite shows right now are Signing Time, Thomas, and Veggie Tales (only the Fib from Outerspace counts as Veggie Tales), and you also love to play on the iPad, which you are ridiculously good at.
You are also VERY good at signing, and know about 200 signs!
The past year and a half has flown by with you, and I am so lucky to be your big sister and help learn and experience new things.
You missed out on love the first 3 years of your life because you were in an orphanage, and because of that we do have our hard days, but we still LOVE YOU SOO MUCH, and we will always be here to take care of you and help you become the boy you were created to be!
I love you Elijah! Happy Birthday!!

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  1. Great post Honey! I linked to it in my post. You should be so very proud of me for getting pictures posted that are only one day old! I know...good thing you are sitting down. LOL


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