Thursday, October 25, 2012

Baking a Cake

This post has absolutely nothing to do with anything I typically post about here.... but I wanted to post about it. :)

Now, I can cook meals no problem, but when it comes to baking?? What I make is usually a flop. I can usually make it taste good, but how it looks? Not so good. My sister and grandma are the bakers, not me.

So when I told my sisters I would make them a rainbow layered cake, I was dreaming big, being overly optimistic, and fully knowing that their cake be an emergency run to the store.

First step was finding a circle cake pan. We didn't have one, my "baking grandma" didn't have one, but thankfully my other grandma had two!

Second step - getting the food coloring. It was originally going to be rainbow, 6 layers with white frosting, but we couldn't pass up the fun neon colors at the store, so we ended up with that instead.

Then it was baking day! Mom, Rachel, and me were the baking team...
First two layers... looks like a green moldy hamburger. LOL
All the layers.... btw the frosting was SOO good but very sweet - homemade buttercream frosting - recipe found here.
The finished product! Mom gets all the credit for the outside frosting job....
Not leaning too much! The top layer did fall apart... but was mended with extra frosting. ;) 
Happy Girls with their cake - Rebekah and Rachel
I was surprised how neat the inside looked!
So there you have it - my layered cake (that mom and Rachel did a lot of!). Wasn't as hard as it looks, and def something that I'm willing to try again. The trick to let the layers cool completely before layering, and after they are layered to cool the whole thing in the fridge to harden the frosting before putting the outside layer on. :)

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