Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Last Day and Waiting Wednesday: Sunny

Today is the last day of October, the last day of Down syndrome awareness month, and the last day of 31 for 21. I managed to blog 31 times in the month of October... I missed two days, but made up for it later. I hope you enjoyed or learned something from one of my posts this month!!

Today, on the last day of Ds awareness month,  I want to introduce you to a sweet princess who has Down syndrome, and is in need of a family. Meet Sunny.
Love her bootie mittens!
Summer 2012 - Goodness gracious! Look at that chunk!
Oct 2012

Isn't she adorable! Sweet Sunny turned 1 in August, and she would benefit from a family while she is still so young!

Her medical diagnosis includesDown syndrome; Heart murmur, hydrothorax, umbilical hernia, hemogioma on the nose

And here's what an adopting family had to say about her when they met her recently!

"Saw “Sunny” today and she is just a peach!   Beautiful sweet girl and the nannies seem to love her.
When I first met Sunny in June of 2012 I was picking cherries with my kids and spotted a little girl in an outside crib with her back to me. Thought nothing of it and kept picked cherries. Then I herd a little voice say “Mama” clear as day and turned in that direction to find it to be that same little girl, Sunny. This time she was facing me. She had literally turned herself around and did a belly crawl across the crib facing me calling out “Mama”. I got the pleasure of seeing her here again in October of 2012. She is precious as ever. I just met her after a nap in her little roller chair with her adorable pouty face. Her and I pointed and counted fingers together. She is such a precious little girl and so very smart and is loved by the nannies at her orphanage and I firmly believe she will flourish in a family having a mama and papa to call her own."

She is in my brother's former orphanage, and looks like my other brother - the Chunky Monkey! She should be in a family like they are, not waiting in an orphanage still. Is there room in your heart for this sweet princess??

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  1. What a darling she is!!!

    Sarah am i going crazy or did you send me a message a while ago saying you wanted to be in the rainbow hair gang with some friends? I am about to do the first angel tree fundraiser and it involves the gang...let me know if i remember correctly asap honey as the post is ready to go! xxxxxx


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