Monday, October 22, 2012

You are invited...

... this weekend to come help bring Jimmy home!

Back in February 2011, Mike Ott, a man in our church, went on a mission trip to Ghana, Africa. While there, he and his team met a little boy named Jimmy. He was 10 years old, and had been living on.his.own. (aka food out of the dump) for When the team left, the pastor they were working with took Jimmy back to the capitol to live with him and his family. Happy ending? Not quite.

When a child lives on their own, fending for themselves for 10 years without knowing what love and a family are, they don't know how to live in a family and be loved. He was bounced from home to home, and then to an orphanage, who said they couldn't handle him.

Our church spent several months praying and fasting for him and his situation (as in 2 or more people fasting for him every day), and now the Ott family is working to bring him home to be a part of their family forever!

The Ott family also leads worship at our church occasionally. One Sunday they sang Always Enough by Casting Crowns, with a slideshow of pictures from Mike's trip to Ghana, including pictures of Jimmy, and also waiting orphans, orphans that Rachel and I advocate for.

They sent me the slideshow and I had put it together with the song, sung by Casting Crowns, but I can assure you, it does NOT sound right without Mike leading. :)

You may recognize some faces in the video... like

Lilly, still waiting for a family.

Maxim, going home to the Nance family!

Tabitha, also still waiting for a family.

Some other faces that Rachel advocates for that you wouldn't know from reading this blog:
Amanda, still waiting for a family.

Dayna, has a family working to get her!

Robert, HOME!

So come support Jimmy and this family this weekend! Look forward to seeing you there! :)

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