Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Happy Birthday R and R!

On Sunday we celebrated Rachel and Rebekah's birthdays, as Rachel's is today and Rebekah's is Thursday's.
Rebekah and Rachel - the birthday Girls with their cake!
Anna, Rebekah, "Big" Rebekah, and Emily
Nana and Jonathan - he thinks she's crazy! ;)

Our little model - love her smile!

New headband!

$6 for 6 years!

Rebekah's new bike!

Trying to convice Mom and Dad
she needs one too!

The two Rebekah's!
The two Rachel's!
Rachel and Nana
The girls with their grandparents!
The girls with Mom and Dad
Happy Birthday to my beautiful sisters! You may drive me crazy at times, but I still love you both so very much!! ♥

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