Wednesday, October 17, 2012


A week ago today, Wednesday night, we celebrated my baby's birthday with cake. Pirate Cake. :)

5 candles for 5 years. Blue and yellow candles for the colors of Ukraine, his country. Pirate because that's what my siblings picked out at the store when I wasn't there.

And I haven't blogged it until now because I couldn't find my camera that had the card in it that had the pictures on it. But my littlest sister found it behind the chair yesterday. ;)

Happy Birthday again little one.


  1. Love the Pirate Cake!!! Happy Birthday Logan!!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Logan!! We all hope this is the last birthday being away from your family and that next birthday, you will be happy in a family of your own.
    Haylee for the Adamsons


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