Friday, October 12, 2012

Unwanted. Worthless. Damaged.

'These children are unadoptable, unwanted, worthless, damaged, not worthy of a family, not worth saving, and it's best they stay an orphan and stay in a mental institute the rest of their lives.'







That is going to be the message stamped all over these precious children's pictures when their files get sent back the government on Sunday. 

The government in this country places a very low value on the lives of these beautiful babies. The government thinks that they do not deserve anything more than spending the rest of their lives in a mental institution. That their special needs are a curse, and they should be outcasts and not allowed in society.

When files of children without families get sent back, the message we will send is "We can't find families for these children because everyone thinks they are worthless, and no one wants to add a child with such needs like their into their family."

We, the ones trying to change their mentally of the worth of these children, will send the message that confirms what they think.


There is a way we can change that message! And tell the government that these child ARE wanted, and they ARE valued!

The only way to change that is to find a family willing to say - "NO! You are not worthless, YES you are wanted!" .... Before Sunday.

To read more these children and what's happening with them, please go here.

If God is speaking to your heart right now and telling you to adopt one of his precious ones featured here, or if you have this gut feeling that adopting one of them is what you NEED to do.... DO NOT DELAY!!! 

Email to find out more info, and send the message back to the government that these children ARE worthy of families!


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  1. This just breaks my heart :-( All children are worthy. Every. Single. One.


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