Saturday, October 6, 2012

Down Syndrome Awareness Walk!

Day 6 of 31 for 21! Today we had our Down Syndrome Awareness Walk! It was pretty cold, but we all had a great time! :)

Our team! Named after....
Carter, Jonathan, and Elijah!
Our team!!!
Elijah.. yes, I made his hat. :)
Love these two! So cute!!
The 4 boys from Ukraine!
The 5 Ukrainians!! Lucas, Carter, Jonathan, Elijah, and Lilya (who is a true Ukrainian, and wouldn't sit on the ground, hence why I'm in the picture too! I'm not Ukrainian, no matter how much I want to live there!)!

Lucas is from Krivoy Rog, actually from the same orphanage I met Logan at! Carter and Lilya are from Kiev, Jonathan is from Kramatorsk, and Elijah is from Simferopel! 5 adopted Ukrainians, from 4 different orphanages, now in 4 different families that love them very much!
Elijah wouldn't show me his face. Yes, the leaf is actually as big as it looks!
I told him to say cheese!

Elijah on the slide!
Ruby and Braden! I loved seeing the Zoromski's again today as I haven't seen them since I went to DC with them in July! :) Loved seeing Dax too, he's gotten soo big! He's barely a baby anymore!
They were hiding from me! :)
Rubes hiding :)
What a fun day!!! :)

Also, my mom, Rachel, Ashley (Carter's mama), Michelle (Lilya, Ruby, Braden and Dax's mama), and Ruthann (Lucas's mama) either have blogged about today or will soon I'm sure. :)


  1. Grr you beat me by like 8 minutes!! I just posted! Love your pictures, though :)

  2. You have more pics of my kids from today than I do!! Thanks for posting them, I linked to you :)

    And, tell Rachel, I beat you BOTH with my blog post!

    1. Well, I beat all 3 of you!!! (But only thanks to Ashley sending me photos. Otherwise, it still wouldn't be done!)

  3. Did you like Braden's braces?? :)


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