Sunday, October 21, 2012

Craft Sale - more pics

More pictures from the Craft Sale/Farmer's Market yesterday morning.
Shared this on our FB page - our hat booth!
Rachel and I
Right before we started
At the end of the day (around 12:30pm) - shows you how much we sold. :)
Not much disappeared from this table - two duct tape pens (made by our younger sisters) and a hairbow.
Just a table runner from this part of the table
And just the purple baby blanket from what you can see here.
Some more random facts about the sale:

-The weather was at one point predicting rain and wind, but PTL it was only cold! We took a chance not taking a tent, and at one point we thought we may have to squeeze under our nice neighbors tent.... the pink tent - the people on the other side of us were dressed up (last farmers market before the 31st) and they were freaking Rachel out because we couldn't figure out if the one ladies hair was a wig or real and she didn't take her sunglasses off ever (it wasn't sunny)... like I said, random facts.

-We made $166 for Lilly, which is a LOT for a craft sale! Thank you Jesus!

-We had a newpaper reporter take pictures of friends of ours who stopped by our booth, and he was asking about our booth and Lilly and what we do. I said all the sales go to Lilly, who is a little girl waiting in a Russian orphanage for an adoptive family or something along those lines. He says "So she is from around here?" Umm no, you aren't understanding. ;) Don't know if anything will come out of it, but it was a great reminder how uneducated the majority of the population really is about the orphan crisis. Makes me want to advocate harder.

-We were cracking up at how many BOYS hats were getting brought for girls. Mostly for babies, but one teen girl who was with some friend bought one of the red with grey border 3-5 yo size owl hats in the pictures above. For herself!

-As one lady was paying, I said something to the effect of all money will go to helping orphans find families, and here's a business card (everyone was getting them with purchases). She says "That's nice. Oh I don't want that!" and put the business card down. Ummm ok. Some people you just gotta laugh at because it's ridiculously funny how rude they are. ;)

I'm tired and I'm going to bed now. 'Nite all!!

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