Friday, January 11, 2013


All the time spent advocating for Lyla, all the tears shed praying for her, all the work (and joys!) of caring for her family while her mama went to get her.... it was all soo WORTH it to hold her several months ago, and now to see this picture.

This, my friends, is the picture of REDEMPTION.
This is why adoption is important!

Lyla now knows what a family is, and she is LIVING and THRIVING on all the LOVE she is getting!

The baby girl who NEVER smiled in all the pictures we had of her... has joy and can make whatever expressions she chooses just for the fun of it. She knows how to smile now!!!

Love is powerful medicine! Adoption gives children access to that medicine.

Thank you Jesus for the gift of adoption.


  1. Oh My!!!!! Flowing tears HERE!!!!!! Love You Miss. Sarah!!!!!!

  2. Love that baby girl. Sassy and beautiful and TOUGH!


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