Tuesday, June 25, 2013

GOOGLE READER users | Don't stop reading!

**This is post is only for those of you who use GOOGLE READER to read blogs. For anyone else who has a different way of following here, you can skip this post! :)

So, for some crazy reason, Google has decided to close down Google Reader (GR).

If you use Google Reader to read blogs, it's time to find a new blog reader.

Google Reader closes down on June 30th. In other words, you have 5 days.

I don't want to lose you, my faithful followers, so here are some alternatives for blog reading.
  • Bloglovin' - This is the reader that I use. It is similar to GR, the difference is that you can't read blogs from your iGoogle homepage, you have to click on the title and go to the blog to read it. (Though, iGoogle is ending Nov 1st, so that doesn't do you much good anyways.) Yes, that takes some getting used to, but it's really not as bad as it seems, and the benefit is it's easier to comment and see what the rest of a blog looks like, not just the post. You can import your GR/Google Friend Connect subscriptions easily into Bloglovin'.
  • Networked Blogs - Follow with Facebook. Sign up with Facebook, and get emailed daily digest from the blogs your following. If you are a blog writer you can also add this to your blog and have Networked Blogs post to your friends whenever you publish a post.
  • By Email - Just enter your email on my sidebar, and you will get an email of every post of mine.
I have buttons for the above three on my sidebar. Other possible readers I do not have follow buttons for are:
I have not looked further into any of these or checked into how they work, but you can read more about some of them here. You may have to play around with several different ones to find one that you like.

For most readers, (with the exception of the email one), a blogger does not have to have the follow button on their blog, you just have to enter the blog address into the reader.

Please contact me if you have any questions or want help getting things set up, whether to read blogs, or added to your blog.

Also feel free to share this post.

I hope you all will stay connected here and to your other favorite blogs. It's no fun for a blogger when no one reads their blog!

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