Friday, June 14, 2013

Keep the party going!

Do you remember Joseph? Who was aging out the same time as Sebastian??
Sebastian found a family in time, but Joseph didn't. His only hope was if a family had already had their paperwork into USCIS before his birthday.

God did miracles friends. Why did we doubt?


A family was working to get another aged out boy, but things weren't coming together for them to go get him. So now they are getting Joseph instead!! (Don't worry, the other boy still has a family working to get him that also had their paperwork in on time.)

And not only are they getting Joseph, they are getting 3 other kids who would age out soon!!!
They listened God's calling to saving 4 children who would otherwise probably live lives as prostitutes and drug addicts on the streets!

Go show this family some love, and help them raise the funds to bring their kids home, by donating to their FSP - The Hommel Family

Oh and Sebastian's family??? They are now bring home 3 boys who have aged out or will soon! And they need help raising money to bring them home too! Visit their FSP here, and their blog here.

God sure is GOOD, isn't He??

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