Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Waiting Wednesday: Jacob

Today, I want to show you a little boy who has stolen my heart.

Is he not adorable??

His name is Jacob. He turned 3 this month.

He is in a country in Asia, and was abandoned because he most likely has Down syndrome. He also has a heart defect.

A little more about him:
"Jacob can roll but has poor muscle tone. He is unable to sit or crawl. He can hold objects and throw them and his eyes will follow objects. Jacob does well playing alone but also gets along well with other children.
He is not speaking yet but does understand the word “no”. He is restless and stubborn. He does not like baths and cries during them but can be comforted with food or being held.
Jacob is a very lovable little boy. All of us like him very much. We hope that he can find a home which loves him very much early in which he can enjoy the love of parents and owns a happy childhood, nice future. We believe he will bring much happiness to your family."

This precious boy so deserves a family.

Can you help??

Donate a little to his fund? (It's only at $5.85!) Share his picture? Adopt him maybe??

Read more about him and donate here: Jacob

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