Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Waiting Wednesday: Greta

This beautiful girl is a couple months younger than me.
She is the size, an developmentally the age of a 3-4 yo.
That makes me sick. It isn't right.

No, she probably wouldn't be the size or mental level I am due to her Ds, but she certainly wouldn't be that tiny.
She should have had proper care, nutrition, therapy, and LOVE from the day she was born. There should have been people to believe in her, to tell her to reach for the stars.

But no.
Instead there was and is nannies, doing the bare minimum of basic care. Other kids, each in the same situation she is.

Helpless, voiceless, existing but not living, not knowing what love is. No one to hug her, to kiss her goodnight.
It's been that way for too long. It's not fair. She didn't ask for it.

I'm in tears tonight begging for her.
Let's find her a family. Please.
Read more about her here - Greta

Oh, did I mention she has a FIFTEEN THOUSAND DOLLAR GRANT?!?!? He adoption is almost paid for!

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