Friday, May 4, 2012

Families are coming!

I posted my last post too soon! Guess who else has a family! Mr Jack!

And some other beautiful children that now have families coming are -
Beautiful Baby Harlowe! I haven't advocated for her, but I was teasing mom about bringing her home. :) We weren't sure how to pronounce her name so we said it "Har-low-ie". Anna (my 9 yo sister) was trying to come up with a nickname for her and all she could come up with was Baloney. :) We have been joking about bringing baby Baloney home, but I guess we don't have to anymore since she has a family! 

Beautiful Nadine! My friend Rachel met her when she was in Ukraine last year, and has been advocating for her. Nadine is actually coming home with a family who is already adopting a baby boy from that orphanage - the Marble's!

And Tamara! Tamara is from my brother Jonathan's former orphanage, and my mom saw her a snapped a few pictures of her when she was there like the one below.
She had a family, but then they were no longer able to complete her adoption, so she needed another family. I was going to advocate for her, but word had it that there were several families very close to committing to her, and I guess one of them did!


Lilly doesn't have a family yet, but please pray she will soon!

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