Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Waiting Wednesday: Beth

I live in a world....

....where little tykes rule.
....where basketball hoops look like this.
....where houses look like this.
....where free rides look like this.
....where fun things to chase look like this.
....where sisters are too lazy to go get the good camera, so pictures aren't good quality.
....and where the plants must be watered, and there is freedom to be running outside.

Beth lives in a world....

....where there is never food enough.

....where diapers are changed once a day if that.

....where the smell of urine and vomit are all that exists in the thick air.

....where the moans of children barely existing in cribs all around her is all she has for company.

....where there is no freedom to run and play.

....where there is no happiness, only hopelessness.

Who is Beth you might ask? This is Beth.

She is just 20 months old and needs URGENT medical care in the US. She has spina bifida and hydrocephalus. She needs a family, like yesterday.

Now, do you live in a world where.... jump at the chance to obey with joy God's command to care for the orphan, and either bring this sweet girl home to your family, or if you arent able to do that, at least share her need and rally for her??

OR say "that's sad she needs a family", and move on with your life as if there isn't an urgent need you can meet that was placed before you. How sad would that be if the family God has chosen for this sweet girl pretended she didn't exist and made no move to try to help her? That would be very sad.

I do really hope you live in the first world, or at least move to that one if you are in the second one. The fact is...Beth needs a family and you just might be it.

If you are in the first world, please go here to find out more about precious Beth!


  1. Great post, Honey! It seems your time outside with the "Littles" is great inspiration for blog posts. :-) It also shows me the lost orphan is never far from your mind...May the Lord bless you as you tarry on.

  2. lovely as always!!! that sweet child,,her mama is somewhere! loving your heart in your search to save these little children xxx


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