Saturday, April 27, 2013

R2D2: Me vs. Pinterest

How's that for a title?
And how's that for an R2D2 cake?

My little brother is turning 9. This afternoon he had his 'friend party'. Last night as I was making the menu plan as we were going grocery shopping, I for some reason decided to get on Pinterest and look up 'easy Star Wars cakes'. Yes, less than 24 hours before the party.

(Pausing to define something before moving on.)
Getting on Pinterest:
       a) making a supposed-to-be-simple-party not so simple 
       b) signing yourself up for spending hours working on projects
       c) ensuring that you'll get frustrated because yours doesn't look like the pic

I soon decided on this one, with Isaac's approval. The lego storm trooper was a close second. I wanted these awesome Leia cupcakes, but it wasn't approved for a party of boys. :P

Side note: While looking at Star Wars party stuff, I decided that we are going to do a Star Wars themed benefit for Grace's adoption. Thing is, spaghetti dinner is already in the talks.. anyone know anything Star Wars related that rhymes with something spaghetti related? Oh and I also decided that we are adding a boy to Grace's adoption, and naming him Jedidiah! Get it? Jedi-diah. hehe And yes, I decided both without parental agreement.

Anyways, back to the cake. Last night after we got home from the store, I baked a 9x13, a 9" circle, and 8 cupcakes (from the leftover batter from the circle).

Today, the fun part. I ended up not cutting the feet from the second half of the circle like the example, instead I just cut them from the bottom of the 9x13. 
Cut - the black is just decorating gel. :)
Mostly frosted! Just needed some touch-up.
Almost done! - The red is cables by the way, not blood.
My designs were also slightly different from hers, and if you pay enough attention, you'll notice mine is flipped or like a mirror of hers. That would be blamed on my brain for not flipping the image correctly when R2 was upside down and I was working at the top of his head. ;)
I used aforementioned cupcakes to spell his name. (Aforementioned?? Geez, can you tell I've been reading Pride and Prejudice as of late? I love that book! Is that weird??)

It was a whole lot of work, a whole lot of putzy, and I tend to be a sort of perfectionist without having the skills do be such. That said, I can conclude it'll be awhile before my next R2 cake! Maybe the benefit??
This, by the way, leaves the score at Sarah: 0, Pinterest 1.

Once again, Pinterest won by making me do something beyond my baking/cake decorating skills, and I'm left to figure out how long it takes to come out of a sugar coma.

On the other hand, brother liked it, his friends thought it was cool, and it was cheaper than a store-bought cake would have been, so maybe I won the "war" of R2D2??

See cupcake in bottom left corner? That's supposed to be the top of R2's head. Had to do something cool with the leftovers!  ;)

Updated to add the score changed... it's now Sarah: 0, Elijah: 1. Said child decided to place the iPad he was using on top of the cake (which had cling wrap on it, so the iPad is fine), push down, and pull it towards him. Grrr. At least it's still edible, even if you can't tell what it is. :P

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  1. You did a GREAT job on the cake Sarah! I'm so proud of you and it made Isaac's party very special. :) Thank you! (Yes, I would say you won. Against Pinterest maybe, but not Elijah!)


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