Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Waiting Wednesday: Angelia

You know that feeling when you leave your computer cord at your best friends house (because I had to have something to email her with while I was there - neither of us like texting) and then only realize it after you ran your previously full battery dead? And you are slightly upset about it? Then you realize "oh sweet, I can check email and read blogs on the iPad, and I now have a GOOD excuse why I haven't blogged, and not to do the school that's on the computer?" Ever have that feeling? No? Must just be me.


This is Angelia.
Sweet princess is in the same place as Emmitt, whom if you follow a couple other advocates blogs, you might have seen him advocated for.

She has spent soo long in an institution without a family. She just turned TWELVE. Can you imagine that? A little girl living 6+ years in an insane asylum??

She needs someone to rescue her from the horrid place she lives, and who will love her. Who will be her family and help her become the QUEEN she was made to be!

When we love the least of these, like Angelia, they will become Kings and Queens!

More about her below. Visit her profile here!

Girl, Born April 7, 2001
Diagnosis: Down syndrome
Angelia has been living in an institution for 5 years. Yet she is healthy, active, happy and SO ready for a family to love her and show her what her life is supposed to be like. She does have some strabismus, but no heart condition. The orphanage staff tell us she does like to play with toys, is interactive and affectionate, and has “potential to improve”.
Angelia is in a place where we have successfully adopted several children out of, and those families can tell you horror stories about many of the other kids there. Angelia is strong and healthy, despite her surroundings. What a miracle it would be to save her!
 $1140.19 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

Help her become a queen! ♥

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