Monday, April 29, 2013


Brothers are family,
And brothers are friends,
Brothers stick together,
Brothers have no end,
Brothers part from time to time,
But come together again,
And be themselves,
No need to pretend,
Brothers are family,
And brothers are friends,
Brothers stick together,
BROTHERS have no end.
(Brandon Sigourney)

The two sweet boys you see above, are biological brothers. Because they both have special needs, they both lost their family and are now separated at different orphanages, though still in the same city. They are available to be adopted separately, but wouldn't it be so much better if they were adopted together?

I have met Brody, the younger one, on the left in all the above pictures. He NEEDS a family so badly. They both do! He is tiny, and has many institutional behaviors that he does for stimulation, because no one has shown him what it means to be loved. He was soaking up every little bit of love we were giving him. I haven't met Auggie, but it sounds as if he is the same way.
Brody on the day I met him

There is a young lady who has met them as well, and spent a lot of time with both of them, and has taken many pictures and videos. Let me know and I can put you in contact with her.

With each day that passes, their institutional behaviors become more and more engraved into them, and become harder habits to break. Not to mention a lot of them are self harming, and they are hurting themselves. These sweet boys need a family to love them so badly!!

More about them:

Brody, born April 2006
Auggie, born March 2005

Rough mental delay, partial atrophy of eye nerves, cerebral palsy, episyndrome
From someone who met Brody in 2011 and Auggie in 2012:
Brody and Auggie are sweet little boys who appear to have some sort of genetic disorder that causes developmental delays and self-harming behaviors. They are not aggressive towards others, only towards themselves, and these behaviors can be halted temporarily by picking either boy up and spinning him around. Brody is able to walk, and can drink from a cup without help. He is not quite able to feed himself, but is willing to try. Auggie was in a laying room for over a year, but after only 3 months of physical therapy is now sitting independently and working on learning to stand. Both boys have wonderful, heart stealing smiles. Brody appears to be in his own world much of the time, and loves things that crinkle or light up, and things shaped like sticks, as well as hands, gloves, feet and socks. He shows numerous signs of autism, which may or may not be environmental. Auggie loves things that crinkle or light up, slinkies, music, and tv. He is more interactive than Brody, and appears to lift his arms up to indicate he would like to be held. This is the only form of communication I observed from either of the boys. The boys are currently living in separate orphanages. I pray a family will reunite these brothers together in one family, where they can receive all the love and attention they need to meet their full potential!
We hope a family will consider adopting them TOGETHER.
More pictures available.
$1150.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

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