Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Waiting Wednesday: Iris

Side note: This is my 500th post! Not sure what I rambled about in all those posts, that's a lot of posts!

There are two girls, who reside in the same institution, and both of them need families. The other thing that makes them stand out is they both have $15,000 grants. FIFTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS! That's well over half of their adoption paid for!

The first girl, is a familiar face, esp if you follow along over at Handiwork for Maria [Website+Blog+Facebook+GooglePlus]. It's Maria!
Read about how she went from $10 to $15k in her grant here - Bittersweet. Also includes information about the grants of Russian children, that have now been moved to children still available, due to the Russian adoption ban.

The second little girl may not be as familiar, but you may have seen her on other advocating blogs. And she is the one I'm going to introduce you to today for WW. Her name is Iris.
She is older, and a great helper in her grouppa, loving on and taking care of the younger kids. Her only medical need is HIV+, which is easily controlled by medication. She does have birth marks on her face, but was not burned or anything.

She soaks up every bit of attention she is given and longs for a family of her own.
I've heard many people say that they would love to adopt, but it costs so much. You can't use that as an excuse this time! Iris's adoption is nearly paid for, and considering how popular she is in the RR community, it wouldn't be hard to raise that last bit! Right now, she also has the largest grant of any child on RR, at nearly $15,500. Maria is only half a thousand behind her. :)
PLEASE consider adding this beautiful girl to your family!!

More about her:

Girl, born 2001
Iris is a lovely young lady; she is described as curious and enthusiastic.
From someone who met Iris in 2012:  Iris is a sweet girl who loves attention and physical affection. She loves to be hugged and will play with your hair and sit in your lap. She is a big helper within her group, and is a good friend (more like a big sister) to many of the other kids in her group. She is very affectionate with those kids, and will play with them and try to pick them up. She has great play skills, and loves dolls. She also enjoys playing with balloons (hitting them back and forth to other people), and coloring with markers. I have been told she was not burnt, but that she has a birthmark. She is taking medication for her hiv. Her cognitive abilities and social awareness are not what you would expect from a child of her age, and I am not sure how much of this is due to orphanage delays.
Large families welcome. Married couples only; travel required.

Also read more about older child adoption by a family who has adopted an older girl, and who is advocating for Iris - Tiny Green Elephants.

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