Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Waiting Wednesday: Brett

Today, meet Brett.
He has Down syndrome, and a few other issues, and is waiting for a family.

But there's something else that makes him more than just another one of the 147 million. We know more of his story.

He was born prematurely at home. And then, was abandoned. In a field.

He was left to die, alone in a field.

He was there for 6 hours.

And then he was rescued, brought to a hospital and treated for shock, hypothermia, bug bites all over his body, and difficulty breathing.

Can you even imagine? Horrifying.
Even with his rough start, life didn't get easier.

He ended up in an orphanage, and is now in a mental institution.

Let's find him a family.

If you aren't able to adopt him, share about him, and add a little to his grant if you can.

He doesn't deserve to live a life like this.
Read more about him here: Brett

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  1. I thought he had a family committed to him a while back, Im so sad he doesn't. always thought he was such a cutie, he has changed so much from that last photo


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