Monday, May 13, 2013

We're Here!!

We're in NY!! We left early this morning (like 7am... uggg), and after 5 hours in the car, and sitting several more hours on the plane and waiting for it to take off, we arrived at the Spitz residence. :)
Acting like first time flyers taking pictures on the place. :)
An arm in the sky! lol Love it!
Hugs with Lyla and Belle!!

Ball time!
Attempted picture with Miss Lyla Bean! Ah well, we'll try again tomorrow.
SaraGrace using her brain to help hang up Lyla's new swing. She's pushing her frog in it as I type, and it actually kinda works! :) Better than anything anyone else came up with (don't worry, proper hardware to hang it up will be used soon!).
After hanging out and playing with the kids for awhile, and having dinner, we went for a walk. It was HARD, as it's been a tough day fighting Lyme, and the streets around here aren't as flat as Kansas. :) I feel so good now after, though sore! I'm gonna beat this Lyme one day at a time!

Can't wait for another fun day hanging out with these kids tomorrow! Lyla's surgery is on Friday, so they are leaving Thursday morning. It was originally on Weds (so they would've left tomorrow morning), but was moved back two days. We weren't upset though, we just get to spend another few days with Miss Lyla! :)

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  1. Looks like you are having a great time! So glad your trip was uneventful too. Have a fun day and please know I'm praying for you both today. :-)


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