Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rachel's Birthday!

The other day was Rachel's birthday! We hosted a birthday party for her with her family and the Gibson family.. Star Wars themed!

I've wanted to a Star Wars Birthday Party for awhile, and had so much fun! I found mostly everything on Pinterest, you can find it on my board here
 {Signs - Star Wars font was found here. Download, open up zip file, open one of the text tiles in that zip, hit download, open whatever Microsoft product you want to use it in, and it should be the fonts.  I used Publisher. Black background was from google images.}

{Sweet n Salty Sabers - Pretzel Rods with Fruit Roll-ups wrapped around them.}

 {Leia cupcakes - Went off this model. Face and hair is decorating gel/frosting. Buns are Oreos with decorating frosting over  the white filling, stuck on with a toothpick for each side (you can only push them in past one side of the Oreo very carefully or they'll break), and frosting for extra "glue".}

{Lightsaber napkin roll - Incredibly easy, printable and directions here.}

Eating <---> Rachel and her pie!
Top: Rachel & Ashley <---> Carter & Rachel
Bottom: Rebekah & Rachel <---> Rachel & I
Carter waiting for his pie <---> Carter and Elijah, these two get into so much trouble together! :)
Today is also Carter's birthday! Now he and Elijah are both 5! Happy Birthday Carter!!
We had such a fun night (including battles with pool noodle light sabers.. sorry, no pics, they look like this)! Thank you so much to everyone who came to make Rachel's day special!

And Rachel, I just want wish you a (now belated) happy birthday! I'm so grateful to be a friend to such an amazing young women, with such a beautiful heart. I love you! ♥

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