Thursday, May 16, 2013

Surgery Update and Fun Pictures

Most people who know a little about the Ukrainian adoption timeline would think I was weird if I said that "I like doing childcare for an adoption than for heart surgery because it's more predictable." Well it's true.

I mean it's heart surgery, they don't shuffle it around like a business meeting, right? Apparently they do, which I guess is a good thing if it's for the child's safety.

Lyla did NOT have surgery today. They didn't like her O2 numbers, so they canceled it. They went in for a cath with hopes of doing it tomorrow morning. Cath results came back, and some were good, some weren't. A team of doctors is meeting next week to decide what to do, and Dave, Summer, and Lyla are coming home tomorrow morning.

While I'm so glad they aren't doing it if it's dangerous to Miss Lyla, it does leave me and Rachel in a bit of a sticky situation, because we don't exactly live 15 min away. They could meet next Mon/Tues, decide to do it, and schedule it for Friday. In which case, we would stay. Or they could decide to do it in a month, or two months. In which case, we obviously can't stay. We really have no idea what they will decide, so we wait to find out when the meeting is, and what they decide. We'll still be loving on babies in the meantime though, and get more time with Lyla Bean!


We've spent a lot of time outside the past two days... it's been sooo nice out! 
Sad Gav!
Playing with Rachel!
Uncle Mike helping SG grab a leaf! :)

Buggie loves her Rachel!
11And Gav loves his big brother Nick!
Rachel and I are a bit obsessed with the brick streets here. Using my minimal photography knowledge here... rule of thirds and leading lines. :)
Snack Time!
Washing the van!
It kept them entertained for so long! Awesome.

Uncle Mike and Belle! Uncle Mike has stayed with us as the adult the past few days. He traveled with Summer to bring Lyla home, and also with Sarah B to bring Mila home! We so awesome, nice, helpful, and fun to be around! We'll all be sad to see him leave tomorrow!

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