Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dear Russia.

Dear Russia,
Because of a stupid decision you made, this little girl can not come home to her family who was working to get her.
And she is now stuck in an orphanage, soon to be a mental institution, where she very well might spend the rest of her life.
She has so much joy, so much happiness, and now that's being taken away from her.
She will never be able to know what the love of a family is.
Not only her, but so many others.

All because a stupid decision you made.

If you were mad at America, couldn't you have done something else to retaliate? Maybe something that actually made the American government mad?

When you signed that law, you signed the death sentence for the vast majority these children.

Tabitha is just one of the many children who are now left to suffer and die because of your political games.
Just thought you should know the consequences of that decision.

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