Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Pinch Me

We have been here a whole day now, but it's still surreal, and doesn't seem like we're really here, we're in a dream instead.

This trip came up so suddenly, and because I was focusing almost completely on school until a few days before I left, I never really had time to mentally prepare/get excited. There was so much up in the air, and even after the tickets were booked, it felt like something could go wrong and we wouldn't be able to go. I mean, both of us, going to take care of the legendary Spitz kids... it was almost too good to be true.

I see here in bed typing this, and despite the fact I'm looking at pictures of the Spitz kids on my camera, dated today, and the fact we're in a bedroom not in either of our houses, it still doesn't seem real. Someone pinch me so I wake up. Nevermind, I like this dream too much.


We spent the day hanging out with Miss Lyla Bean, playing with the other kids, and feeling lazy sitting on the couch. We'll make up for it tomorrow though... today was our last day to do that! Yes, that's right, Dave, Summer, and Lyla are leaving tomorrow late morning!

Surgery date has been moved to Thursday the 16th, instead of Friday. Threw us off a bit, but no major issues with this change (which we found out about around lunch time today!).

A few (ok, a LOT) pictures from today:
SG looking pretty for school!
Rachel and I took Princess on a walk while everyone else was at school. She LOVES being outside!

Ok, everyone else wasn't at school. Mr. Gav decided he needed to be sick to get more snuggle time with Mama! But, he's going back tomorrow, and no one else is staying home.. NO SICK KIDS is my rule for this trip.
LOVE this girl!
But, she doesn't hold still for pictures!

Communicating with the Bellie Bug! Awesome!

They love that iPad!

Looking smart in Rachel's glasses. :)

Another attempt at a picture with Lyla... Rachel's doing a heck of a lot better than me! I will get one in the morning before she leaves.
Bouncing with Daddy!

Snuggles with Mama!
More iPad fun!
1: SG on the iPad, Lyla goes for it, and gets put in a headlock.
2: Lyla goes for it again, and...
3: ...suceeds in getting it! SG gets up to have better position to take it back. Rachel interferes while Gav watches on. :)
Hi Pretty Girl!!
Bellie Bug was smiling so pretty for me after tub!
And a picture with everyone before Lyla left... the best out of 36 (between 2 cameras). Owen was the only one in a picture taking mood apparently!
Please be praying for Lyla as she goes to get ready for her surgery tomorrow. And for her parents, who are obviously a little nervous! Thanks! :)

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  1. It's great being back, isn't it? I LOVED visiting the previous family I helped while in PA. They become like family. :)


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