Sunday, May 19, 2013

Lyla's HOME!

After a crazy day, Lyla is now HOME, safely tucked in bed! She is still on oxygen, but hanging in there.

So, after she turned blue on the way home from the hospital, and her big brother had to meet them on the way with a part they needed for her oxygen, they got home, and she got all hooked up to her o2 machine, which plugs into the wall (they used a tank on the way home).

Then, the power decided to go out. It's gone out ONE other time in the 10 yrs they've lived here. Today, of all days. If that isn't an attack from the devil himself, I don't know what is. Thankfully they had enough left in tanks, and the power came back on in a few hours. But it was scary for awhile, as we didn't know if there'd be enough left, and it's a Sunday night. 

She then had a tub and got all tucked into bed. Love that sweet girl! So great to have her and mommy home!

Dave, Owen, and SG went to get them, so Rachel and I had Belle and Gavin all to ourselves for most of the day! Bellie has chosen a favorite between us two. I may or may not be jealous. Oh well, I get Lyla Bean! :)
Gav was being a stinker, as always. ;)
Lyla's home!

After the power went out, we played outside for awhile. Rachel wrote her name, and Sara made all her letters popsicles.

Gavin and the coaster!
He insisted he needed a helmet. A Dora one. ;)
Looks pretty good in it!
Tomorrow is this handsome little man's birthday! A whole 5 years old!
O-Cat, aka Super Cat, aka Owen.
Look at that naughty little face! Teasing the dog with the ball!
Playing with Daddy!
Beanie after tubbie time! Pretty girl!

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