Friday, May 17, 2013

Reminders | Lyla Update

Star Wars jammies - LOVE!
Update: Well, Lyla didn't come home today. She got very sick last night, and has an infection, which could have gotten ugly if she had surgery! Thank you Jesus! Hopefully she can come home tomorrow, but it might be Sunday. 
I told him to come back down the stairs and got this look.
But Dave is home now, and that's made things easier! And Rachel and I fly home next Weds. The meeting isn't until Thursday, and if they do decide to do surgery it won't be for another month or two at least.
Our crew for the walk we took tonight! Summer needs a quad stroller, if not a twin. ;)
Prayers would be appreciated for Lyla to get better so she can come home, and also for health for us here too.

We went to the park. But all of my pictures are blurry. I blame fast moving kids and a slow camera. :)
Sometimes, I get stressed, overwhelmed, and caught up in the moment. I don't look at the big picture, and see how blessed I am.
Just when I need it, God sends me another reminder that He has me right where He wants me to be.
Sometimes it's an overwhelming peace, a new perspective, or encouragement from an unexpected source. Other times, it's catching a glance of something from a certain angle, that triggers a memory, and I realize I've been here before. Not literally, but in a dream.
I've had certain patterns, colors, objects, etc. trigger memories of past dreams in DC, KS, and here in NY. Not anything significant, just that I was there. Everytime it happens, I get chills. This time it was the wallpaper in the bathroom.
I have prophetic dreams sometimes (see here), but usually I don't pay much attention to them and forget about them. That is until they happen, and God uses them to show me He has his hand on whatever is happening.
And then I realize that God's been preparing me for this for a long time. Not always a particular trip, but just loving on and taking care of kids in general. I love doing it, no matter how hard it can be, and I'm so thankful He planted that desire in my heart early on. ♥
Gav's skeleton pj's - love these too!

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  1. Beautiful post, Sarah. I'm so honored to sit back and see how the Lord is continuing to work in your life, both now and in the future! Love you!


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