Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Zoo Time!

Today, we had an awesome day, and I took lots of pictures, so I'll make it two parts. Part one: the zoo!

We went to the zoo today and met up with the B family and Uncle Mike! B's have adopted three precious girls from Ukraine, and Uncle Mike traveled with Sarah (another Sarah! We had 3 at the zoo today!) to bring Mila home, just like he traveled with Summer to bring Lyla home!

Here are some a lot of pictures!
Rachel and Bellie getting some snuggles in before we go!
Happy Bug on the way!
Lyla meeting Sofia!
Summer meeting Sofia!
Beautiful girls!
Our big ol' group! The kiddos with Ds outnumbered the "typical" kids! So fun! :)
Uncle Mike and his girls!
Sofia and me! Love that spunky girl!
Uncle Mike and his traveling buddies!
Rachel and Sofia!
Looking at the bears!
Uncle Mike and his Lyla Bean!
Pretty princess Sofia wearing my sunglasses. (Yes, this was me aiming the camera as I was holding her. Clearly, I am the camera as well as I aim a ball.)
Love that pose!
Photography courtesy of Sofia!
Sofia found the knife!
Owen the chef!
Gav watching the monkeys!
 Our favorite uncle!! :)
Uncle Mike hanging out with his miss Mila Hope!
And then she went to Rachel!
And didn't want to go back by Uncle Mike... and Uncle Mike's her favorite! She loved Rachel!
She didn't care for me, but tolerated me enough for a picture! :)
"Cheese!" Uncle Mike and Zoya!
Belle and Gav loving on each other!
Gav eating french fries at McDonalds!
Our McDonalds Crew!
So sweet! Love these sisters!
Beanie loved my pineapple smoothie! Later today after I got all the pictures up, Summer says to me "Was Lyla actually drinking your smoothie?!?!" I said that yes, I could feel the cold coming up the straw. She was shocked, she didn't think Lyla knew how to use a straw, because she didn't know how the one time they tried!
Zoya and me!
Zoya and Rachel!
We had so much fun today! Thank you Summer, B's, and Uncle Mike our favorite uncle for such a fun day! :)

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