Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pools and Goodbyes

After being home for a couple hours we headed off to the pool! We had so much fun, and Lyla was having the time of her life! I have never seen her soo happy for soo long! :)

That girl is doing SOO good today!!! The other day we were a bit concerned, but today she's a totally new girl! The doctor said it's not possible for her to be sick and yellow one day, and happy with good color the next. Try telling that to Lyla, the miracle baby! :)

Before bedtime came what we've been dreading. Saying goodbye. We'll be leaving in the wee hours of the morning (so wee that we considered not going to sleep tonight!)!

I learned a lesson tonight. I thought I toughened up, but I learned no matter how many times you say goodbye, no matter if it's the same family or not, it never gets easier.

Boo hoo! I'm going to miss these kids soo much! I'm so sad this trip wasn't longer!! But at the same time thankful we did get to spend this time with them!!
Rachel and Bellie getting some last snuggles in!

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