Saturday, May 18, 2013

Bellie Bug

Lyla Bean didn't get to come home today. Please pray she can tomorrow!!

We did have a fun day though.

I didn't take many pictures... just of the Bug. Love our Bellie girl!
We went to Walmart, and were quite a sight if I do say so myself! hehe
Singing five monkeys with daddy!
She didn't like what was on TV, so she plugged her ears.
Bonus video:

They have an insane amount of indoor pets. Buddy is the funniest and most annoying at the same time. This one, Roxy, is the creepiest. Let's just say I'm happy he stays in big brother's room!

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  1. Buddy the Eagle - very funny! Looks like Bellie is doing great! Yay! (Now it's time for both of us to go to bed!)


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