Thursday, May 2, 2013

A new special need.

My mom has said that if we adopt again, it will be a child with Down syndrome, because she doesn't have time to learn a new special need/diagnosis. (She was right about the adopting part, Grace has Down syndrome!)

God apparently heard her, laughed, and said "So you think you're in control?"

Yup, new special need coming right up. Not with a new adopted child, but with one of the children she already has.

Remember when in Kansas, I got really sick? And how I came home and I couldn't get rid of it? And other things not blogged - almost constant headache, inability to concentrate, fatigue and exhaustion, joint pain, muscle tightness and cramps, trouble breathing, an immune system that is nearly non-existent, disturbed sleeping patterns, etc etc.

It's all related. It's the new "special need". I have Lyme disease.

And that, last time I checked, was a new special need in mom's book! At least there aren't weekly therapies for this one!

May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month... so you'll probably see quite a few posts from me this month about it... raising awareness, in hopes others don't have to go though what I have.


  1. So sorry, Sarah, to hear about this.
    Please know you will be in our prayers!

  2. Well boo! I had no idea you were/are so ill. Hugs, loves, and prayers.

  3. I hope you get well soon. I heard through the "blog vine" that you are headed to NY. Get well soon and have a fun time with all the kids.


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