Monday, April 8, 2013


I wasn't planning on blogging until Wednesday, due to school stuff I need to focus on, but I'm breaking that rule to share with you this urgent need.

This is Sebastian.
Read more about Sebastian here.

This is Joseph.
Read more about Joseph here.

Sebastian has 17 days to find a family.

Joseph has 16 days to find a family.

A family must file paperwork with USCIS for Sebastian by April 25th. And by April 24th for Joseph. 

SEVENTEEN DAYS!!!!! SIXTEEN DAYS!!!!! Friends, do you see how urgent their need is?? To make it even more urgent, here's some statistics. Don't skip them.

Every DAY 38,493 children AGE OUT

Every 2.2 SECONDS, another orphan child AGES OUT with no family to belong to and no place to call home

In Ukraine and Russia 10% -15% of children who age out of an orphanage commit suicide before age 18

60% of the girls are lured into prostitution

70% of the boys become hardened criminals

Many of these children accept job offers that ultimately result in their being sold as slaves. Millions of girls are sex slaves today, simply because they were unfortunate enough to grow up as orphans.

Sebastian and Joseph both turn 16 in just over two weeks, and they have two possible futures.

#1 - Get turned out on the streets with nothing. Becoming slaves. Becoming criminals. Becoming drug addicts. Fighting for their lives daily. Commit suicide or be murdered.

#2 - Get adopted. Becoming part of a family that loves them unconditionally. Who care enough to not want them out on the streets. Who will teach them through actions that they matter, and they are wanted. Who will help them become all God created them to be!

The scale is even right now. In two weeks life will tip it towards #1. We have a chance to tip it towards #2, but it's not going to be easy. These boys are so worth it though.

When Sebastian and Joseph turn 16 in just over two weeks, they will have aged out. Lost their chance for a family. We can stop that from happening. We NEED to stop that from happening.

How you can help:
SHARING. Share their need and pictures everywhere possible. Facebook, blogs, email, Twitter, Google+, etc. You name it, their need has to be on there. We need their family to see them!

PRAYING. Don't stop them up to the Father until they have families! Pray, pray, pray! Prayer can move mountains, and there are two huge mountains to move!
Feel free to use this picture to share them!

Friends, I am absolutely sick over this. We just can not let them age out without a family. Max has told us horror stories about kids that have aged out and what they go through, he works with them daily. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help find them a family!!

Their very lives depend on it!


  1. This makes me so sad. :( I'm 19 and can't imagine being on my own. Even WITH so much family support. Ugh.

    also, if at all possible. I would never complain if you emailed me and filled me in on how Grace's adoption is going. ;)

  2. I hops those boys find a home quickly! I will share on our blogs.

  3. I just blogged for these boys and used your collage (and linked to you!) Thanks for your wonderful advocacy!


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