Friday, March 29, 2013

Sometimes Max comes to visit

For the 3rd year in a row, we've gotten a visit from our friend Max during his time in the US. This years visit took place almost 2 weeks ago. It was soo great to see him, if only for a few hours. We all love Max!!!! A couple pictures from our time with him when he shared at church.
Anna, Max, me, and Isaac
I am part of the mission committee at church, and this year, we launched a drive to collect 2013 items for Max and his ministry in 2013! It's only March, and we are at 560+ items!
We had a nice size group (for how unadvertised it was) come to hear him, and a dessert social afterwards. He treated us to some absolutely amazing stories of how God is working and what he is doing through Max and True Hope Ukraine.
Max loves seeing how much bigger the boys are every year! He met them both when he visited my parents when they were over there adopting the boys.
Visiting & making new friends
Posing by the mission spotlight board about him.
With the Mission Committee Head... aka my dad.
And with the committee head's wife. Please note the double cups of coffee and treats, he had a 5 hr drive ahead of him. :)
If you don't know who Max is, aside from this post... he is an amazing young man, who runs a ministry in Ukraine ministering to the hopeless. My dad and I met him while on a mission trip summer 2010, and he visited my parents when they were there with both adoptions. I blogged more about him here.

Please, please, please take the time to watch this video about the new project Max is working on. You will not want to miss being a part of the amazing work God is doing!!!

**Oh and fun little tidbit of info. The lady seen in much of the video walking around with Max, in the black jacket and pink scarf. That would be Stephanie, the mother of the kids I took care of while she was in Ukraine adopting little Max[im]. She was able to spend quite a bit of time working with Max and his team while she was there!

Please consider partnering with Max and support the renovations of the True Hope Center. Former orphans caring for orphans, that is what is going to break the cycle.


  1. Hey Sarah,
    I'm still reading your blog and enjoying all of your posts. It looks like your family had a great time visiting with Max. Yes, he is an amazing young man. I've never met him but he certainly comes across as a very generous and caring person. I hope all of your family is well. Have a Blessed Easter.

  2. Thanks for a wonderful post! The video was very good and inspiring. Please let us know how the projet moves along. There is such a need for children who age out to have a constructive projet, a viable alternative to drugs, prostitution and crime... Max has a beautiful vision. what a good man!


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