Monday, March 11, 2013

a lost little boy

He hasn't had an update for years.

Not a new picture for years.
He became unavailable for a time, with law in his country of children under 5 not being adoptable unless they had a special need that was on the "list". His wasn't. But last fall he became available again, 5 days after my Logan would have been available.

His grant hasn't grown in a very long time.

Nothing to "renew" or "gather" interest in him.

I haven't seen anyone share about him or advocate him.
You would think he mysteriously disappeared, but he hasn't.

He's still there.

But it's like he is lost. People scroll past him. No one notices him.

He doesn't have a voice. He is silent.
And I have fallen in love with him. I will be his voice, and I will speak for him.

Why? Because he doesn't deserve to live his life in an institution, forgotten about by everybody, being a lost little boy because he can't speak up for himself and ask for a family.
His name is Sergey.

He is 5 years old.

He has hydrocephalus.
And he needs a family.

He's lost. Let's help him become found. By a family.


  1. Moving post Sarah. Thank you for being his voice! Praying his family finds him soon.

  2. Sergey is darling - thanks for sharing him! So nice to see more pictures too!

  3. Love the 2nd picture! And I could be wrong. But I'm pretty positive that he has a shunt for his hydrocephalus, you can see it in that adorable 2nd picture. ;) Good news for Sergey!

  4. what a great post! Thank you for sharing, advocating and loving him.
    His pictures, so precious!

    Will definitely take the time to notice this dear little boy more.


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