Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Waiting Wednesday: Shawna and Seth

Shawna. Born 2001, age 11. Seth. Born 2003, age 9. Sister and brother.

They had an interested family, until Shawna tested positive for HIV. Other than that, they have no other special needs.

They love each other and were very close to each other.

But then Seth was moved, and they don't see each other any more.

All they had was each other, and now they don't even have that.

Look at the love in her eyes as she looks at him. Precious.
Shawna worries a lot about her brother, and takes care of other kids his age. The above pictures were taken in 2010. We have updated pictures of Shawna, and she is growing into a beautiful young lady.

But she still misses and worries about her brother.

They need a family that will reunite them, love them, and help them heal from the pain they've endured. Not only pain from feeling abandoned and unwanted as orphans, but from losing each other.

Please. Don't make them wait without each other any longer.

Read more about them:

Many more pictures available, email me if interested: forhisgloryhandiwork(at)gmail(dot)com

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Aren't they darling? I'm believing that their time is coming soon!


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