Friday, March 22, 2013

Celebrating World Down Syndrome Day

Last night we went to Monkey Joe's (a inflatable jumpy thing place-I'm good at explaining things) with our local Ds support group to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day.
Jonathan just wanted to sit there and bounce. He didn't like that he couldn't walk very well.

"Oh there you are... stop stalking me."



Contrary to what this picture would have you believe, Chunky Monkey like the slide. Just wanted one of us to be at the bottom before he went down.

Elijah getting ready to go down with Anna behind him.

Ha! This picture cracks me up. Just chilling at the bottom of the slide.

Isaac at the top, and a blurry Anna.

Is there a rule about going down head first? If there is, leave it up to Elijah to break it! ;) Great sensory input for him though!

We weren't the only family there though.. there were a bunch of other cute kids too!
Like Mr. Lucas! Adopted from the orphanage I visited in Ukraine!

And Micah, Lucas's brother, adopted domestically. You can visit their mama's blog here.

And Ruby and her family! Sister to Lilya (who I assume was there... she's the only one I didn't see!), who is from Ukraine, her family paved the way for our adoption, and I traveled with them to NDSC in July. This was the only picture I got of her
that's focused enough to post! She didn't stop moving, not even to say hi to me! :)
A fun night, celebrating some fun kids!!

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