Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What did you mean?

Today is March 6th. The day those of use in the special needs community call 'Spread the Word to End the Word Day'.

A day dedicated to raising awareness to end the R-word - retard or retarded.

It's offensive. It's hate speech. It's derogatory.

It used to be a medical term, but is no longer. Now it's turned into something people use as a word like dumb, stupid, bad, useless, not-worth-much, etc. Many use it from business professionals down to elementary school kids.

And that needs to stop. Because

I want you to read a blog post for me. Please. Just this once. It's written by the mama of the kids I spent a lot of time taking care of the past few months. And you will see some familiar faces in there, like Ralph's, Zhen's, and Theo's, but you might not recognize them, because they are little! ♥ They're still way too cute!

Anyways, go read it.

Ralph and the Crew: When you say ret*rd...: I heard what you said. Yeah, you.
I just want to know what you meant by it. I heard you say ret*rd. Yes, I did.
I was just wondering... When you said ret*rd did you mean?? Read more..

Ok, have you read it now? No, well go back and read it silly! Read it? Ok, good.

Now, I ask you to stop using the R-word, and go sign the petition saying you won't say it.

Just do it. You never know who you are hurting by using it, and hurtful words are better left unsaid, right?

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