Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tshirt Challenge!

Local friends of ours, the Hebbe family, are adopting twin boys from a country in Eastern Europe, Jonathan and David.

Mutual friends of ours and the Hebbe's, the M family, specifically their daughter Jenny have decided to do a tshirt fundraiser for the Hebbe's.

BUT it's not your normal tshirt fundraiser, because along with just selling tshirts to raise funds, they are doing a challenge!

Said challenge? Wear the tshirt for a month. Well, not at night, and you can wash it, but wear it everyday for a month.

Why? When Jenny went on a mission trip to Ethiopia, the bus driver there wore the same shirt and pants every day, because he couldn't afford to by more.

She wondered if people would be willing to wear the same tshirt for a month to bring an orphan home. And so she designed the tshirt and set up the challenge.

We have taken the challange... and I'm just over half way done with my month (I think).
My mom, my sister Anna, Jenny's mom and little sister Ellie, Jenny, Rachel, and I
Want to find out more?

Go to Jenny's t-shirt blog.

Go visit Hebbe's blog.

Read this article on CollegePlus about Jenny. (CP is helping me earn my dual credit, and Jenny is who we found about it from!)

And go read this story Jenny wrote about the 8th largest country.

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